Welcome to the Puerto Galera Shooting Range!

Open Daily 10:00am to 6:00pm

Come along and have a blast with us, we're easy to find and all are welcome. Whether you are with a group - large or small - or just by yourself we can accommodate you. It's a great way to spend an afternoon at our private and secluded shooting range.

Frustrated? Feel like letting off some steam? Then we have the weapon for you, and believe us you'll feel much better afterwards. Or maybe you just want a relaxing afternoon taking in some target practice followed by a cool drink? You can do it at the Puerto Galera Range!

We have a variety of weapons to suit all, from the .22 to the mighty .45, feel like something more exciting? How about a 5.56mm M16 in full auto or even an AK 47 - it's a blast!!!!!

Just need to sharpen up some skills or has it been a long time since you fired a weapon? We have excellent instructors to get you back 'on target', or maybe you've never shot before? Again our instructors can help and even provide you with a Certificate of the 'Basic' to 'Advanced' Instruction you will receive.

Philippine Practical Shooting Association

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